MetroPolder company: The Polder of the City

Cities are growing and the climate is changing. With this comes heavy precipitation, extreme heat,  prolonged drought, and less urban space for solutions. The MetroPolder company revives cities through smart water management, leveraging stored rainwater for cooling, growing, and fostering nature within the city. MetroPolder is a leader in advising, developing, and maintaining smart water storage in cities.

Our philosophy:

Rainwater is a resource. Not waste.

Rainwater is often seen as waste. Rain is free and is the source of all life. By removing it through a gutter, we make it waste. This does not have to be the case. Rainwater is useful in the city. It cools, feeds plants, supplements groundwater, and can replace drinking water for many applications.  The most direct example being irrigating the roof garden above the polder roof system; no drinking water is needed and it provides greater biodiversity! A true win-win


Polder Roof®

The Polder Roof is the world’s first smart water storage on flat roofs.

With smart control of water, there is never waste. This is why all the rainwater that falls on the roof is collected and reused, or released without causing a burden to the system. The Polder Roof serves as the foundation for a green roof, rooftop garden or park. In addition, the water that is stored can be used for irrigation, infiltration or a greywater system.

Polder Roof

What do we supply?

Roof Plan: Many municipalities see the benefits of using roofs for climate adaptation but wonder where and how they can best start. With a Roof Plan, we determine what the possibilities are and provide the municipality with practical tools to use themselves and with other parties (private individuals, companies, housing corporations). The Roof Plan can also be set up at the regional or at local development scale.

During design:
Do you want a (winning) design that can also be executed properly? We will demonstrate that you meet your water requirement and ensure that the water storage is properly secured in the construction or renovation process.

During construction:
The roof garden is laid out by a partner of MetroPolder to be selected by you. We work together with various roof contractors.  We will deliver and install the polder roof as well as the consultation with the roof gardener.

During use:
We maintain the water storage, give you insight and report to the competent authority on your water performance.

When do you contact us?

1. When you as an individual or company want (or have to) store water on your plot
2. As a convenient way to provide water to your roof garden.
3. If you want to know for your (government) organization how you can limit flooding and at the same time make use of extra space.

Many square meters of roof are ready to be used, the roof is the right place to do it! The Polder Roof is storing water but is often a great reason to make a multifunctional roof.


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Joost Jacobi
Project Developer

Merle van der Kroft

 Matthijs Monkelbaan

Cees-Anton van den Dool

Friso Klapwijk

Brian Schmitt
Project Developer


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