Polder Roof®

MetroPolder company developed the Polder Roof as a solution for flooding in cities. We are still developing, but we are already at least 40% cheaper than traditional solutions (larger sewers, storage basements). Cheaper and the city also becomes more beautiful, smarter and greener.

What is the Polder Roof®?

To make smart water storage on flat roofs technically possible, we were the first in the world to develop the Polde Roof concept. The Polder Roof makes an urban surface into a smart water storage layer. The water storage is controlled. In this way the system is able to store all rain that falls on the roof and to dispose of or use it at a quiet time. The Polder Roof serves as the basis for a green roof, roof garden or roof park. In addition, the water that is stored can be used for irrigation, infiltration or a greywater system.

How does the Polder Roof® work?

The installation consists of a buffer system base, and the Smart Flow Control . It is provided with a dike, possibly supplemented with a complete water separating layer. The Smart Flow Control measures and controls the water level as well as the run-off. Information about the roof and the operating system can be accessed via your personal dashboard.

The team behind this innovation ensures that all roofs are continuously in operation and manually update when necessary. The Polder Roof is truly a new layer in urban water management.

Polderdak Regenwater Management op Daken

The perfect foundation for every roof garden

Atop the surface of the roof, a buffer layer is applied. This layer creates space to store the water and at the same time forms a solid foundation for the use above – from solar panels to roof parks, from paving to colorful flowers. Any mix is possible.

Automatic retention control

The Polder Roof is controlled by a ‘smart flow control’’: a small weir which controls the water level uses a set of sensors to ensures that the system always functions safely.

Polderdak Regenwater Management op Daken

Online dashboard with the performance of your roof

Real-time insight into the performance of your roof, being able to control and account for it. We measure everything we need to know in order to (temporary) store water on the roof.

Polderdak Regenwater Management op Daken

A regional solution for flooding

Together with various cities and universities, we continue to think about how we make the city a collection of smart, small-scale water storage facilities. Think of it as a rooftop water board. RESILIO is a great example of this.

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