Project Description

Fieldlab Civil Engineering

Type: Rooftop Farm with PolderRoof®
Completion: 2018
Client: TUDelft
Partners: De Dakdokters
Location: Stevinweg, Delft
Surface water collection: 600m2
Water storage: 42,000 liters
Dynamically controlled: yes

A PolderRoof is located above the lecture rooms C and D of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In the coming years, research will be carried out into the performance and further potential of the PolderRoof. In this “Fieldlab”, the hydrology department examines, among other things, the evaporation, energy saving and possibilities of urban agriculture. The special feature of this research is that it is also compared with a reference roof above lecture rooms A and B with the same dimensions but without a PolderRoof.

The Fieldlab Polderdak was created in collaboration between Stowa, the Delfland Water Board, RIONED, Delft City Council, TU Delft and uses European Climate KIC project financing.

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