Project Description

Green roof Jan Bommerhuis

Type: Green roof with PolderRoof®
Completion: 2017
Client: ASR Vastgoed
Partners: BAM Wonen, De Dakdokters
Location: Wibautstraat, Amsterdam
Surface water collection: 1600 m2
Water: 40,000 liters
Dynamically controlled: yes

The Jan Bommerhuis renovation is now equipped with a green roof. The challenge was to create a green roof with limited capacity, but also to absorb and slow down rainwater. Thanks to the Smart Flow Control of the PolderRoof, the amount of water is managed so that there is never too much weight on the roof. A number of dikes ensure that the water storage is optimally utilized despite the existing slope of the roof. Residents of the upper floor can enter the roof and enjoy the greenery and cooling in the summer.