Project Description

Green roof VvE ’s Gravenloo

Type: Green roof with PolderRoof®
Completion: 2018
Client: VvE’ s Gravenloo, Gem. Leidschendam-Voorburg, Hh. Delfland
Partners: The Dakdokters
Location: Spinozalaan, Voorburg
Surface water collection: 1400 m2
Water storage: 60,000 liters
Dynamically controlled: yes

The VVE ‘s Gravenloo has replaced over 1300 m2 of tiles on the low roof of the parking garage for a green roof with controlled water storage below. With this water storage, flooding is prevented and the plants are supplied with water during dry periods. The roof is equipped with two Smart Flow Controlls; they measure the weather data and automatically adjust the water level. The municipality and the Water Board of Delfland want to improve the water management, ecology, and heat resistance of the area and thus make the city climate-proof. Immediately after delivery, residents of the flat were already enthusiastic, that can only get better once the plants start to grow!

Such a solution as the PolderRoof, that’s what the water board is all about. – Marcel Houtzager (Hoogheemraad Hh. Delfland) at the official opening