Project Description

Roof Garden Alphatoren

Type: Roof garden with PolderRoof®
Completion: 2018
Client: Vesteda
Partners: Waal, De DakdoktersKanaalparkstorage
Location: Leiden
Surface water collection: 400m2
Water: 30,000 liters
Dynamically controlled: yes

This new apartment complex has a beautiful communal roof garden on the 10th floor with a view over Leiden. Plants can use the stored rainwater in the Polder roof to grow and flower. In fact, no irrigation system is needed, saving lots of tap water. For Vesteda this was enough reason to choose a PolderRoof, but the PolderRoof also ensures that heavy precipitation does not lead to flooding in the area. Looking over Leiden you see that the PolderRoof mill is not the only mill in the area, but the highest.