Project Description

Roof park / Roof garden B. Bylon

Type: Green roof with Polder Roof®
Completion: 2014
Client: B. Amsterdam
Partners: GrownDownTown, De Dakdokters
Location: Johan Huizingalaan, Amsterdam
Surface water collection: 1.800m2
Water storage: 50.000 liters
Dynamically controlled: yes

This beautiful, edible roof terrace, or Roof Park, on office concept B. Amsterdam is an impressive 1500m2 park. It is the first of its kind and extremely versatile. On the roof you will find a water feature, two pétanque courts, a large vegetable garden, fruit trees and a chicken coop. There is an out-door seating are as well as covered office spaces with hammocks for meetings; you will even find two decorative Trabant cars on this roof.  All with the Polder Roof as its foundation.