Project Description

Smartroof 2.0

Type: Green roof with PolderRoof®
Completion: 2018
Client: Waternet
Partners: Urban Roofscapes, De Dakdokters
Location: Marineterrein, Amsterdam
Surface water collection: 350 m2
Water storage: 25,000 liters
Dynamically controlled: yes

On the Marineterrein in Amsterdam, the roof of one of the buildings used to conduct detailed research into the evaporation of blue-green roofs. The effects of different substrate thicknesses and water buffering are compared with each other. Results of this research show that water availability is a condition for enhanced cooling and biodiversity on green roofs. In practice, the PolderRoof worked so well that the air conditioners for the poorly insulated top floor were not necessary during the hot summer of 2018.

Click here for the scientific publication.